The Dusk Runners Code

 This is the code all of our pilots must abide by. Any violation can and will be subject to ejection from the group and possibly a good butt kicking from our Security Department (or worse).


 1. No stealing from the clients.

I will personally see that any pilot that steals from a

     client is taken into deep space and thrown out the airlock. I mean it.


 2.  We never leave a man behind.

We protect our own, unless they do something stupid.


 3. You will not act in any way to disrupt the integrity of the organization.


 4. When we are on a job that is we are doing.

 We do not delay our customers

  5. Keep Your Mouth Shut! 

Some of our customers hold their privacy close, we respect


  Shane Tayjer

Leader of The Dusk Runners

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